Neck Pain Specialist for West Windsor, NJ

Neck pain is never convenient. Let the friendly experts at Chiropractic Center of West Windsor, NJ with over 32 years of experience alleviate your neck pain. We will diagnose the underlying problem of your chronic or acute neck pain; and treat your entire body holistically to eliminate any discomfort that might be stemming from your neck pain. Call Cimato Chiropractic Center today and let us personalize a treatment designed just for you.
"Dr. Cimato and his wonderful staff have been warm, caring and supportive. I know that Dr. Cimato is motivated to do everything in his power to help anyone who entrusts themselves into his care."~ Barb R.
Suffering from numbness, tingling in the arm or sharp neck pain? Schedule your appointment with Cimato Chiropractic Center of East Windsor, New Jersey today. We offer comprehensive pain relief treatment to alleviate muscle spasms, sharp pains, loss of range of motion and many other symptoms related to neck pain. Don't risk a more serious injury from your current pain, our accurate diagnosis team at Cimato Chiropractic Center of East Windsor, New Jersey will help you on your way to pain-free living.
Find the right treatment with specialized and individual care at Cimato Chiropractic Center. We'll help you move on with your life free of pain.