Herniated & Bulging Disc Specialists in East Windsor, NJ

Herniated and bulging discs are one of the most common causes of back pain. Dr. Cimato of Cimato Chiropractic Center has treated herniated and bulging discs over the last 32 years in his career. Find out today if your back pain is caused by herniated or bulging discs. Call Cimato Chiropractic Center of East Windsor, New Jersey at 609-448-6740, to schedule your complementary examination and report of findings.
What Are Injured Discs?

A bulging disc is when the jelly-like substance swells but does not break. A herniated disc is when the disc breaks through the hard outer shell. Disc injuries can cause pain in the arms or legs. Call the experts in muscular skeletal care at Cimato Chiropractic Center to schedule an evaluation and diagnostic session today!
Or call Dr. Cimato to give you a complementary review of your MRI report.
"I liked Dr. Cimato from the beginning. I like his "up front" way. He showed me my back problem on x-ray. He outlined for me his treatment and how long each segment of treatment would take."
~ Carol M